Best pocket knife guide

Importance of Good Pocket Knife with you at All Times

Life is unpredictable and uncertain. You never know what may be coming the next week, day, hour or even a moment. Any smart and responsible man who realizes this fact should always keep themselves prepared for anything. Pocket knives are one of the most useful tools that could come handy in most of such sudden situations.

Pocket Knife Comparison Guide

Pocket knives
Overall Length
Blade Length
Blade Material
Smith & Wesson CKTACBSD Tactical Serrated Drop Point Knife, Black steel
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife (Black)
2.2521.6stainless steel
Tac Force TF-711BK Assisted Opening Folding Knife 5-Inch Closed
4.7546.4black coated high carbon steel
53.755Black 440 Stainless Steel
Gerber 22-41122 STL 2.0, Fine Edge Knife stainless steel
WarTech USA Batman Knife with Dual Assist Open Blades
638Two blades stainless steel
Tac Force TF-707BL Assisted Opening Folding Knife 4.5-Inch Closed Steel Half Serrated Blade
MTECH USA MT-424BK Tactical Folding Knife 4.75 Closed

4.753.254440 stainless steel
Gerber Paraframe Mini Folding Knife - Choose Style stainless steel

The tradition of carrying pocket knives goes as far back as to 1st century . The popularity of pocket knives was particularly evident in the American colonies by the late 16th century. People in all walks of life, from educated doctors and lawyers to the farmers were seen carrying pocket knives. They were not only carried as a tool to survive in sudden unpleasant situations, but were an ultimate portable tool that most people relied on for various tasks. They have also been an important tool for soldiers in the American history. Even though the tradition of carrying a pocket knife is not as popular in modern times as it used to be in the older days because of increasing security threats and problems, many people still carry them.

best pocket Knife Victorinox Champion Plus

Victorinox Champion Plus Knife

The importance and benefits of carrying such a crucial tool doesn’t need to be told to any smart and responsible man. From breaking down cardboard boxes to making dinner, pocket knives can prove to be extremely useful. A good pocket knife can be your most important asset during a fishing trip, camping or any other outdoor activity. If you are an outdoors fan, you must know the importance of this little tool. This little tool could be very powerful for protection as well. You never know when a wild bear could be dancing outside your camp in the middle of the night losing its way through the forest tracing the smell of the human flesh. Pocket knives can indeed be your nearest and most powerful weapons against a dangerous attacker. Needless to say, the knife will obviously be a very useful kitchen tool as well.

You must have realized the importance of owning a pocket knife by now. The next thing you must be wondering is probably about buying a good knife that is suitable for all your needs. There are many kinds of pocket knives available in the market that you could chose from for yourself. The best pocket knife for you would be the one fulfills most of your outdoor and indoor needs. No one can tell you which knife you should buy. Buying a knife is as personal as picking out a wallet for you self. Only you can decide what your needs are and what should suit you best. You should pick something that suits your tastes and makes you feel good to carry it around.

So what is it you should consider in a knife to make the right choice?

The Blade: When you think about a knife, the first thing that obviously comes to mind is the blade. The blade is the most important thing to consider when buying a knife. It should be sharp and able to cut anything you want it to cut. You should know what the blade is made of and the ways of sharpening it if it gets blunt. The blade should be razor sharp and strong. You wouldn’t want it bended only after a little use. There are many brands that are now offering a heat control technology on their blades. It keeps the blade on room temperature and prevents it from getting it too hot, hence keeping care of quality.
The Handle: Another important thing to consider while buying a knife is its handle. The handle should give you a good grip and shouldn’t absorb any moisture. It should be very tough and made of a good resilient material. The design should suit you well and should be easy and comfortable. A good quality handle should prevent you’re the knife from slipping from your hand.
Design: The best design of a pocket knife is the one that should feel comfortable in your hand. A poorly designed knife wouldn’t give you the right grip and wouldn’t feel right.
Money Value: Everybody wants the best worth of their money. Your knife should be deserving of the amount of whatever money that you are spending on it. Many knives in the market today are very overpriced. But if you look hard enough, you‘ll be able to get your worth of money by finding a reasonable priced knife.

Some features and benefits of different kinds of knives are mentioned here to help you decide what you need and make the correct choice:

  • Jack Knife: A jack knife is one of the most popular kinds of pocket knives. It has a simple hinge at one of its ends and is most suitable for hunters, fishermen and campers. A Jack knife could even have more than one blade.
  • Pen Knife: Hinged on both of its ends, a pen knife is good for you if you want a knife with multiple blades. It has two to three blades on each of its side. Pen knives are very small, lightweight and comfortable and you won’t even feel it once it’s in your pocket.
  • Multipurpose knife: Like the name says, a multipurpose knife can be used for many purposes. Because of their multipurpose feature, they are the most popular kind of pocket knives. Apart from having a sharp knife blade that could almost anything, they also have can openers, scissors, tweezers, screwdrivers and leather punchers. They can come in very handy in most of the situations. But if you are looking exclusively for a sharp blade, the multipurpose knife might not be the ideal choice for you.

Once you know the different kinds and types of pocket knives, you can choose the best pocket knife for yourself from a good store. For further assistance, there are reviews about five best selling pocket knives in the market. Maybe your ideal choice could be from one of them and saves you hassle of doing further researches.

Leatherman Crater C33Tx

bestpocketknife_Leatherman Crater c33TxAppreciated for its remarkable quality and reliability by everyone who has used it, the Leatherman Crater C33Tx is undoubtedly one of the best pocket knife for you to buy. The Leatherman C33Tx has gained a lot of popularity as being an ideal survival tool for anyone. It’s lightweight and flexible design makes it very convenient to keep in your pocket, pack or tool box. The knife can easily be folded and kept wherever you want to keep it without worrying about safety. It’s simple to use and has a nylon handle that makes handling easy and convenient. The nylon handle also provides a great grip on the knife and facilitates cutting. Its folding design frees you of the hassle of carrying a sheath. The knife has a serrated blade and is very sharp. It can cut almost everything very easily and quickly. Its sharp full 2.6 inch blade provides a lot of flexibility in cooking or cutting rope and peeling fruit to cutting boxes. You can secure the blade through a liner lock and not worry about your hand getting cut. The blade launcher has a very simple mechanism and makes it very easy for anyone to operate the knife. The Leatherman C33Tx is a very economical choice for outdoor fans. It is said to have been particularly designed for the outdoors, and it undoubtedly delivers the best of it. Many people worry about what ways to use to sharpen their knives when they have been used a lot and become blunt. But for this particular C33Tx Leatherman, you don’t have to worry. You can use any possible traditional ways from sharpening stones to special kits without damaging the blade or deteriorating its quality. This promising brand will not disappoint you and will fulfill all your great quality knife expectations.  >> Click here for current pricing and reviews on the Leatherman Crater C33Tx

Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton

GERBER E-Z Out Skeleton_fold knifeThe Gerber E-Z Out skeleton pocket knife has a specialty very obvious through not only its use and reviews, but also in its name. This knife E-Z to use, and it really is. The E-Z Out knife is very easy to handle, carry and operate. It’s easy to access, easy to open and easy to use, freeing its owner from most of the worries that are usually associated with such mechanical tools. The handle of Gerber E-Z out skeleton has molded Kraton rubber inserts. These rubber inserts provide a very steady grip on the handle and makes it very comfortable to use. The knife can be operated one handed through the oval hole in the blade. It also keeps the blade in shape and blatant for everyday use. This is a full size knife and comes in handy to cut things in most of the situations. You can easily carry it around. There’s even an option to clip the knife to your belt or your pocket. Made of stainless steel, the pocket clip is easily removable and even replaceable. You can take it off anytime you want to. The knife has a good 3.5 inch blade length and an 8 inch open length. The knife is very sharp and easily holds on the edges. People who have used the Gerber E-Z out skeleton claim it to be the best folding knife they have ever used and would want to buy the same brand again. It’s serrated and long blade cuts the hardest of things conveniently. Its design is slim and slender and once the knife goes inside the pocket, you won’t even feel it’s there. Gerber customers are very loyal to the brand because of their promising quality and simplicity of operations.

>> Click here for current pricing and reviews on the Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton

SOG AE-04 Aegis

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools AE-04 Aegis KnifeIf you are looking for a pocket knife for hard and rough use, the SOG AE-04 Aegis would be the right best  knife for you. Easy to handle for and easily adaptable, the AE-04 is a folding knife with a slim and sleek design. The knife has a long serrated blade of 3.5 inches. Made of stainless still, the blade has a black TiNi finishing. The knife has a well balanced body and makes quick work for various tasks. Its DigiGrip handle provides the user with a very firm and concrete grip of the tool and makes cutting more comfortable. The stainless steel blade provides strength and edge maintenance. The TiNi finish doesn’t only give good looks for the tool but also improves durability. The AE-04 Aegis will give the user the best of both the kinds of blades, serrated and straight. You can use which ever you want suitable for your need. The amazing heat treatment technology always keeps the blade on room temperature. This keeps the knife sharper for a longer time and makes it much more resilient and tough. The blade can easily be operated one handed and is can be accessed quickly and easily. The knife is also very popular for its unique safety mechanism. It has a very unique locking system that’s more reliable and tougher compared to other systems on most of the knives. There is a safety clutch on the side of the handle that prevents the knife from accidental openings. A button indicates you weather the safety is on or off on your knife. The rubber on the handle reinforces the grip and gives anti slipping security. Safe, secure, easy and comfortable to use, this SOG knife comes with a lifetime warranty and protects you from any manufacturing damage.

Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clips

Victorinox Swiss Army Money ClipThe Victorinox Swiss army money clip was made in Switzerland and has been a very successful tool since 1891. This wonderful little tool comes with a lifetime warranty. Manufactured by the same company that made the famous Swiss army knives, this money clip is a very handy tool. Especially useful for people who don’t like carrying wallets, the money clip is 3 inches long and very comfortable to use. It’s stylish and makes people want to carry it around and show it off. Offered in red, black or silver casing, you can choose the color that best fits your taste. This could pretty much be categorized as a multipurpose knife and could be the best pocket knife for you if you are looking for a multipurpose tool. The tool comes with a large and sharp blade, pair of scissors, nail filer and a nail cleaner. This Victorinox money clip is made of all the finest materials. Made of stainless steel and rust proof aluminum, a lot of effort has been put in the making of this little money clip. The durable brass rivets hold the knives together. Attention has been to every detail that goes in the manufacturing. Another fascinating feature of this money clip is that it’s engraveable. You can get your name engraved on it and personalize it completely. Or you could get a loved one’s name engraved on it and gift it to them. It’s the perfect and classy gift for groomsmen and executives. This little money clip comes at a good price and is worth every money you spend on it. Being one of the rare pieces that are as fancy as useful, this little tool is very popular among people who have used it.


SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SGFSA-98SOG is one of the most popular brands in the market of tools. Another very good choice for a pocket knife is the SOG flash II. This SOG tool could be the best pocket knife to suit your needs. Fast, safe, secure and extremely simple and easy to operate, this pocket knife is very versatile. It can easily fit in your pocket, belt or bag. It features the latest and very advanced locking mechanism. It has a well balanced body and a tough blade. The blade is very strong and dependable. The knife is foldable and can even be operated single handed. It’s extremely safe and convenient to use. The knife has a 3.5 inch, half serrated blade. The blade has a beautiful satin finish. This SOG knife comes with a very unique locking system and is different from most of the conventional locks. It’s much more reliable, stronger and easier to access. The lock can easily be released with a sliding button. The handle of the knife has a very good grip and reinforces convenience. There’s an additional lock on the blade that offers extra security. The knife sits comfortably on the hand and is well balanced. A clip extends from the handle of the knife that is reversible and allows the knife to lie in your pocket without you even feeling or realizing it. Fast and secure, this SOG flash II pocket knife offers you promising quality and will give you the best worth for your money.

Once you have chosen the best pocket knife that suits your style and your needs, you should take care of its blade quality and overall maintenance. One of the questions that people ask most frequently about the maintenance of pocket knives is regarding the ways of sharpening the blades of their knives. If you find yourself to face the same problem, following are some of the tips that could help you in sharpening the blades of your knives. If you follow this process step by step, you could easily sharpen your blade without causing any damage to it.

stone to sharpen the bladeYou should start by choosing a suitable stone to sharpen the blade. You can choose which ever stone you want. After choosing a suitable stone, you should lubricate it with machine oil or dish washing liquid. Then identify the bevel angle of your blade and position the blade on the stone accordingly. Make sure you position it away from your face. Then rub the blade down the stone and sharpen the other side of the blade. If you do it correctly, your pocket knife will be as good as new.

Carrying a pocket knife doesn’t only provide you with a useful tool that comes in handy in almost any situation, but is also often associated with pride. It’s one of the things that give a man class. Carrying a pocket knife is especially popular in the American culture. It keeps you prepared and always armed. In today’s criminal world when things are so uncertain, it is highly recommended for everyone to carry a pocket knife. These little tools might sound dangerous but they really are not. As can be seen from so many reviews above, most of these knives come with very secure locks. These safety locks are very well designed and minimizes any possibility of security threats. Pocket knives should not just be a male thing. Even women should be encouraged to keep such a tool with them at all times and should be trained to use them properly. It could solve many of their everyday problems and always keep them armed and prepared against any unpleasant incident. People, who think that women should not carry such a tool because of their impulsive nature, make a very generalizing and unfair statement. With the rise of feminism, many brands are even making pocket knives in pinks and reds. Now you can your best pocket knife in your favorite color and carry a great tool with great style.

The best pocket knife therefore, is the one that suits you best in terms of not just your needs but your taste as well. Before buying a pocket knife, you should well research the market and see all the different kinds and brands available. With internet and so many blogs, this isn’t even that difficult anymore. But a pocket knife is a expensive tool and is worth the little hassle you might have to go through before making a final decision. There are many kinds and types of pocket knives available in the market and once you have chosen the kind you want, you should take care of how to buy it. The most important things that are needed to be considered before buying a pocket knife as discussed earlier are the quality of the blade, and very good grip of the handle. Last but not the least you shouldn’t fall for a high price brand without making sure it’s worth the money that the tag asks for. A pocket knife is therefore an extremely important tool and should be carried by everyone.